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22-inch Double Bulb Acrylic Ice Water Bong (56cm, Transparent Pink)

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It is a kind of Plastic which looks like glass. Acrylic is Durable, non Fragile and Light Weight. Our acrylic bong comes with High Gloss premium finish which is achieved thru high quality polish material and skilled workmanship. And Moksha Bongs always comes with all the fittings to make bong ready to use. Our bong include Metal Bowl & Stem, Metal screen fitted into bowl to hold your material and rubber and 1 pc of extra grommet.


  • Material: Acrylic
  • Colour: Transparent Pink
  • Product Dimensions Height: 56 cm; Tube Diameter: 5 cm
  • Item Weight: 395 Grams
  • Package Content: 1 Bong With Complete Accessories


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