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7 Inch Blue Color Cear Glass Oil Bubbler Water Smoking Pipe

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This is 7 Inch Blue Color Clear Glass Oil Bubbler Water Smoking Pipe.This bubbler stands 7″ tall, and ready to utilize any oil concentrates to perfection. The diffused downstem on this glass bubbler draws easily, and can make even the harshest of oils feel smoother, and less rough. Thick, quality glass is handblown to create the oil, and as is the nature of handmade items, no two are exactly alike. Even though its coloring may vary slightly from one to the next, every dabbing bubbler produced is a match in quality, function, and pure craftsmanship.


  • Handblown With Thick Glass
  • High Quality
  • Unique smoking device
  • Cooler and extra smooth smoke
  • Smooth Draw


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