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RAW Black Rolling Paper King Size Slim

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Have you ever tried out the finest rolling paper that is available in the market? Well, let’s make you do that. RAW is one of those brands that keep bringing something new in the smoking industry now and then. And for you to know RAW Black is one of the thinnest cigarette rolling papers ever made by them till date. It’s basically for the upcoming new generation that is more sincere and particular about their every smoke and experience they get out of it. RAW Black is double pressed extra thin and unbleached paper made up of plant fibres and tree sap gum that is rolled up with a variety of Roaches and Filter Tips.

Additional information


32 King Size Slim Leaves in Each Pack


Unbleached Paper

Made Of

Made of Plant Fibres


Natural Tree Sap Gum


Each Paper is Watermarked


Even and Slow-Burning


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